Businesses and agencies across the country are faced with the constant challenge of meeting their customers needs while utilizing limited staff and budget.

Call Processing Systems’ wide range of products allow our customers to redirect their  most valuable resource (their staff) where they have the greatest impact.

The result is greater customer satisfaction and more efficiently utilized staff.


The products that Call Processing Systems design are capable of being deployed through an entire organization. This allows multiple agencies to utilize the same server and run more than one application (such as Tax Speak and Tag Speak).

Call Processing Systems applications are able to communicate with databases developed in house or from commercially available applications. Our applications can communicate with multiple data sources on the same server. The applications can use direct database access or terminal emulation to make these connections.


Administrators and users can manage the applications from their local intranet.  With different levels of security, system administrators can enable or disable functions while users are allowed to run reports that they authorized to view. Remote administration allows users to manage the application even if they are in a different building or in the next room.


Call Processing Systems uses the latest technologies to develop our applications. This allows our products to communicate with almost any host solution.


Our applications are also easily expandable allowing our customers to add departments, applications, or additional modules as they are needed. Buy what you need, get what you want.