Other Modules

Call Processing Systems offers a variety of modules that compliment the IVR/IWR products that we have.

abstract-1231889_1920AIRS Connect Wireless – Designed to expedite the inspection process, allowing the inspector to update the inspection record with results and comments on a real-time basis. The inspector has the ability to receive requested inspection records on his wireless device without coming into the office. This feature can greatly improve the inspector’s in-field productivity, by simplifying the permit record retrieval and update. This same feature can greatly streamline final notifications to other departments in the system.

With AIRS  Connect the inspector can now operate in a totally mobile environment. Through the mobile device the inspector now has the ability to receive, act on, and update the complete daily
inspection list without coming to the office.

AIRS Connect :
· Reduces overhead by eliminating the “paper trail”.
· Provides real time data thus improving customer satisfaction.
· Speeds up the inspection process

notebook-1071775_1920Notify Me! – Proactively notify individuals of inspection results via phone, fax, or email. Gone are the days when the user had to constantly call to find out when an inspector had completed the inspection on a project.

Call Processing Systems can customize this feature to a variety of different applications such as:
· Appointment reminders
· Overdue /Past due notifications



Hosted Solutions— Hosted solutions can provide the same information and data as an on premises product.  Contact us today to see if a hosted solution is right for you.





Additional Features— All IVR applications can be fitted with one or more of the following features:
· Text—To-Speech— This module allows that text be translated into spoken words.
· Staff Directory—This allows organizations with existing voice mail systems to have the
· Multi-lingual—Allows that the call flow can be in a language other than English.
· Speech Recognition— Lets the IVR recognize speech along with letting the caller enter information via a touch tone phone.
· Payments— This module allows an organization to receive payments via credit card or check payments.
· Information Requests—Allow your users to get information such as forms, directions,  scheduled meetings, or other information from their IVR or IWR