Tax/Tag Systems


TagSpeak™ and TaxSpeak™ are comprehensive information and payment systems for both tax and tag departments.  They will interface with your existing phone lines and host systems to provide the following services to your constituents:

TaxSpeak™ – Property Tax Application:

Using any touch-tone phone/web, TaxSpeak provides 24-hour access to general departmental information and detailed property tax information.

Specific parcel inquiries are made via agency approved method (parcel ID, PIN, etc) with security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Amounts due may be paid via check draft or by credit card.

TagSpeak™ – Motor Vehicle Tag Application:

Callers may access the system to obtain general departmental information and detailed motor vehicle registration and renewal information.

Specific vehicle inquiry via tag or title number includes security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Tag renewal payments may be made using credit card or check.

Call Processing Systems Automated IVR / IWR Information and Payment Systems provides customers with 24-hour access to general information, detailed departmental information and forms. Specific account inquiries allow payments by phone / web for applicable fees and amounts due. Payments and specific inquiry are subject to host availability.

By providing general information and payment choices these solutions allow increased staff productivity.