Court Systems

graphics-882726_1280Call Processing Systems offers a variety of solutions for court systems.

Clerk’sVoice™ –  Provides information for all court departments, requirements, forms as well as general court information. Typical general information provided: hours and locations, contact phone and fax numbers, driving directioons., public transportation directions, parking information, departmental listings: Passport information, marriage information, civil action information, etc.  Payment features for paying eligible fines is also available.

Dial-A-Fine™/WebFine™ – Offer a quick, convenient way for your constituents to pay traffic citations, parking tickets, and other eligible fines using any phone or via the internet.

Users may conveniently access citation information and pay their eligible fines with a credit card or check draft. Access to specific citation information is via citation number, case number, bench warrant number or the access method of your choice.

If a court appearance is mandatory, the fine is not payable through the automated system, scheduled event information may be spoken (court date, time, location, presiding).

Support+™ – Provides information for all custodial and non-custodial parent payment information. Custodial parents may obtain payment status information. Non-custodial parent  may make payments to the court using credit card or check draft.  Support Division information is provided. Forms and information are available by Fax or US Mail. Callers may also leave recorded messages for case workers. Scheduled event information may also be provided.